Email Marketing

Email Marketing

How do you reach out to  your customers? Do you reach out to your customers at all? 

If you are not engaging with your clients and customers, you're leaving the market wide open for your competitors to take them away from you. Most businesses realise that they need to work hard to keep customers in a competitive market. And all markets are competitive! But the question is how to engage with customers; and how can you get them to engage with you?

Many businesses these days realise that maintaining a list of potential customers and clients is essential for more than one reason. Yes, you can reach out to those people with offers or discounts. But more than that, you can develop a relationship with your customer base. And that relationship, when it's done properly, helps to build trust and increase your customer base.

Now, you might be thinking 'I  don't have time to be constantly emailing people'. But much of it can be automated. You can set up your communication in advance and schedule it to go out when you like. You do this by utilising an online tool called an autoresponder. The company that owns and runs the autoresponder takes care of storing, scheduling and sending your communications. And they ensure that the information from your customers is kept safe and complies with data protection; so you don't have to worry about any of that. 

​How We Can Help

We can offer you:

  • Assistance and advice on building a email marketing plan
  • Advice on special offers to build your business and increase customer engagement
  • Content created for your emails
  • Assistance with and/or management of your email schedule and delivery
  • Monthly report on email engagement and effectiveness

The service is tailored to your business. All for one fixed low monthly fee.